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Nathan Cruz

Nathan Cruz

Financial Professional

I firmly believe that a financial advisor should diligently strive to provide value for his clients. This can be in obvious ways directly related to finance and investments, such as providing recommendations based on a client's specific needs or creating plans to save taxes and preserve wealth in retirement. This can also be in ways that are adjacent to a client's finances, like creating an estate plan that will be easy for their family to follow or helping a client stick to their financial plan through a rough market. 

I am an independent financial advisor that focuses on actionable, goal-based planning that helps my clients get from where they are now to where they want to be. Being an independent financial advisor allows me to make recommendations in the best interest of my clients. I am not beholden to a larger firm or incentivized to sell a certain product to meet quarterly quotas. I have the freedom to get to know my clients, create financial goals and plans for them, and provide them with tailored financial advice. I also have access to a broad range of financial products and solutions, allowing me to bring just what my clients need to the table. This includes the following:

Investment management and selection, tax planning relating to investments, retirement income planning, college savings, legacy planning, faith-based investing, 401K management, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and estate planning resources. 

Apart from serving my clients in my financial practice, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife, raising my kids, hiking, cooking, eating good food, serving at my church, and growing exotic house plants.