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The COVID Chronicles feat. Crepes of Brittany

August 28, 2020

It may not be well known, but I am a big foodie. I love delicious food so much that I have traveled to different countries with the main purpose of trying specific regional dishes. I also love to cook and have been sharpening my culinary abilities for over 12 years. Some of my friends might say that I am somewhat fanatical. It is starting to rub off on my wife a bit. 

Whenever my wife and I eat at an establishment that produces exceptional dishes, I can't help but share the experience. One of our friends at church owns a crepe shop in Monterey. He is from Normandy, France and his business partner is from Brittany, France, so they affectionately named their restaurant Crepes of Brittany. He had told us about Crepes of Brittany in the beginning of the year and we were excited to try it. Unfortunately, COVID-19 swept in and closed shops in Monterey for several months. Thankfully they survived the shutdown and my wife and I were finally able to go in early June. 

Crepes of Brittany started out as a small shop within a larger restaurant on the Monterey Bay Wharf. The concept for their crepes was to take traditional recipes from France and deliver that experience to their patrons with some modern twists here and there. This idea expressed through food brought droves of local and international patrons to try their food, forcing them to expand dramatically. 

Their food concept really sets them apart from your run-of-the-mill crepe shop. They have both sweet and savory crepes. The sweet crepes are made with a more traditional batter yet slightly less sweet. They choose to let the contents and topping bring the sweetness while the crepe both accents and grounds the dish. We had the Cooked Banana Caramel crepe (pictured below).  The whipped cream, crepe batter, and caramel were all made in-house. Homemade whipped cream is an experience far above canned, so that speaks for itself. The component that really elevated this crepe was the caramel sauce. It is a French recipe that is light and not as sweet as American caramel sauce and had a slight nuttiness. It was the perfect bridge for the sweet cooked banana and the light crepe exterior. The mixture of flavors is harmonious and leaving you wanting more.

We also tried a savory crepe with imported brie cheese and caramelized onions. This is where they took the crepe in a different direction. They used European buckwheat to make their savory crepes, making them more hearty and giving a thicker texture. This is by far my favorite crepe at Crepes of Brittany.  Brie cheese and caramelized onion are already a match made in heaven, and the buckwheat crepe held it all together. 

I have a soft spot for Crepes of Brittany. They bring an amazing French crepe experience to the table and couple it with great service. They are also a fellow small business and one that made it through the thick of things during the shutdown, which is a much needed success story in these times. I love being able to feature them and promote their stellar food. If you are ever in Monterey, stop by Crepes of Brittany. You will leave with a satisfied palette and full belly. Oh, and say Hi to the owner, Thierry, for me. He is the jovial man that will be floating between tables and engaging his patrons. 

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                                                                                       Completely forgot to take a picture before digging in. I was too excited.