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COVID Chronicles: Escaping to Utah

October 30, 2020

California continues to be one of the more restrictive states during the pandemic, which poses certain challenges. My wife and I are introverts by nature, so being at home and away from society is easier for us. Even for two introverts, the break in normalcy when trying to go out to eat or going to the store for essentials eventually got to us. We decided to plan a short vacation.

While researching a place to go, we sifted through the rest of the country's states that are in varied levels of lockdown or restriction. We looked for states which had the most relaxed COVID restrictions so we could have some sense of normalcy on the trip. I also had other criteria such as being close to the West Coast and having options for outdoor activities like hiking. Using this nifty map from, I honed in on Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Salt Lake City is a fascinating city. It is situated in a desert valley, but the metropolis and surrounding areas are filled with trees that the city has planted over time. Salt Lake City and the neighboring cities are all conjoined and spread for many miles. The entire area has a very hip vibe mixed with Midwestern coziness. 

My wife and I explored much of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We went hiking, explored the downtown area, and went on long drives to see the Bonneville Salt Flats and Park City (a ski resort town). COVID restrictions were still in place, but they were much more manageable. Everyone was required to wear a mask when entering buildings in public, but you were allowed to dine in at restaurants (with social distancing) and get haircuts indoors at salons or barbers.

It was a very refreshing experience for both of us. If you are feeling a bit stir crazy, it might be a good time to plan a short getaway. You can find great deals on flights right now as well. Here are a few picture highlights from our trip.


                            Moose High Fashion in Park City                


 Banksy Street Art in Park City


Bonneville Salt Flats  


Liberty Park in Salt Lake City