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Our Story

Life has a funny way of unfolding. For a majority of my college career, I was poised to start a career as a healthcare professional. I wanted to help people in an impactful way  through my expertise and care. It turns out, that healthcare wasn't where I would end up. 

Coming home from college, I was approached by a former leader from my church. He was working as an independent financial advisor and explained how he used his career to impact the lives of people by using his expertise and care to help them with their finances. I was blown away when he described how bad finance was a detriment to individuals and families. So many people were not at peace with their money. 

I wanted to change that. My former church leader gave me the opportunity to be mentored under him and several other great financial advisors. I accepted the offer. 

I became a fully licensed advisor at the end of 2014 and have been passionate to accomplish the goal that I had set out to do ever since: help others in an impactful way using my expertise and care. I now serve hundreds of clients in the surrounding areas and even out of state. 

When a client works with me they can expect the utmost care and quality of service given to their unique financial situation. No two situations are exactly alike. My practice is centered around custom-tailored financial planning that will help my clients achieve the piece of mind that they want for themselves. 

Areas of focus:

Retirement Planning

Retirement Income

Social Security Planning

Medicare Planning

College Savings

Big Purchase Savings

Family and Asset Protection

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